BatteryMINDer SCC-180 12-V, 16 Amp, 180-Watt Solar Battery Charger/Maintainer/Desulfator - Designed for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV, Boat, RV, etc.

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Manufacturer Description

The 12 Volt, 16 Amp BatteryMINDer SCC-180 actively monitors your battery's voltage and temperature any time the sun is up. The internal program adjusts its output several times a second based on these readings to quickly and correctly charge your battery. When used as a maintainer, the BatteryMINDer is guaranteed to maximize your battery's life and storage capacity. The temperature compensated long-term float maintenance stage can add years of service. Patented high-frequency pulse desulfation is designed to reverse and eliminate battery sulfation, the #1 cause of early battery failure. Works with All sizes, types and brands of 12V lead-acid batteries Including but not limited to flooded filler cap / maintenance-free / VRLA / SLA, gel, AGM Optima / Odyssey / etc., starter, deep cycle and hybrid. For Solar Panels up to 200 Watts & Voltages NOT TO EXCEED 25 VOLTS. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON USING PRODUCT OUTDOORS: Weather-tight enclosure. Always mount units in vertical position with cord sets exiting downward to ensure weather tight integrity. Unit must be mounted this way to ensure long term trouble-free life including weatherproof integrity. Mounting in any other manner or using unmounted (parallel to ground) except indoors may cause unit to fail due to water intrusion that is unable to drain correctly to avoid damage. Included Accessories: 2' Ring Mounted Temperature Sensor and 6' Extension Cable, 2' Fused Ring Terminal Cord Set with Quick Connector, Battery Condition Indicator. 12V, 16A, Up to 180W of Solar Panels Designed for 12 Volt Systems (Not Included) Works with All Sizes, Types and Brands of 12 Volt Lead-Acid Batteries.

Product Features

SOLAR POWER - BatteryMINDer SCC-180 is a 12 Volt, 16 Amp model that actively monitors your battery's voltage and temperature any time the sun is up. Works with solar panels up to 200 watts & voltages not to exceed 25 Volts. (Solar Panel NOT INCLUDED) EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE - Automatic full time desulfator reverses sulfation (a buildup of lead sulfate crystals) the primary cause of early battery failure by using a patented range of high frequencies to safely remove sulfation and recondition weak batteries. Sulfated batteries once considered beyond recovery can now be brought back to long-term useful condition. Extending battery life up to four times when compared to new batteries not being properly maintained AMBIENT TEMPERATURE SENSOR - Temperature compensation precisely adjusts battery voltage based on temperature sensor readings. This ensures your battery will always be properly charged and maintained no matter what conditions it is subject to. Reverse polarity, short-circuit and over temperature protection. TWENTY-FIVE BATTERIES AT A TIME - Maintains up to twenty-five batteries at a time. Works with all sizes, types and brands of 12V lead-acid batteries (filler cap/maintenance-free/VRLA/SLA), gel, AGM (Optima/Odyssey etc.), starter, deep cycle and hybrid. INCLUDES BATTERY CONDITION INDICATOR - instantly checks the amount of charge in your Battery. Easy push button operation.

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