SPARKING 12V 24V Cigarette Lighter Extension Cord Battery Clip-on Car SAE to Auto Plug Socket Adapter

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Manufacturer Description

What is this? 
This set includes battery clips as well as DC male and female connectors and the SAE extension ends have protective covers. This set of DC vehicle extension cord connectors is designed for SAE connections, such as connecting a charger to a battery.

How you can couple with those cables?
The combination we design can realize the couple as follow:
1. male plug to female socket by connnecting sae.
2. extending sae to aligator clip cable by connecting all of them.
3. female socket to alligator clip by connecting sae.
4. sae to sae cable by connecting male plg and female socket.
But if you still want to connect the male plug to alliagtor clip, you can buy another cable from us, which can be use with the alligator clip cable. Here is the link: B0771H9R7J
PLEASE NOTE: Whatever how you couple, please make sure connect the sae connectors correctly!

Where is it could be used for? 
It is widely used which can extend your 12-volt~24-volt power sources to car electrical appliances such as car cleaners, car pump, car charger, car inverter or cooking appliances, coolers, heated blankets, water pump on the back on our ATV for landscape and so on.About these cables: 
These cables are heavy duty, and all of the ends (except those on the clamps) have beefy strain reliefs.

Package Include:
1 x car cigarette lighter socket to sae connector extension cable
1 x car cigarette lighter plug to sae connector extension cable
1 x battery alligator clip to sae connector extension cable

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Product Features

With the combination of leads/plugs/socket provided by this set, you can either draw power directly from the battery, or more sensibly, the fused cigarette lighter outlet. This can then be brought inside car via the substantial leads, that amount to six feet long when 2 are combined and terminated into a substantial cigarette lighter power outlet (which is still fused), or as crocodile clips should you make that choice to suit your needs THE CROCODILE CLIPS AND CONNECTIONS: The wired ends are soldered to the clips and not simply wrapped or squeezed to make a connection. They each have colour coded (Red/Black) semi pliable sleeves and the clips are also stamped with + & - quite clearly. THE CABLES: The cables have sufficient mm2 area for the intended voltage/amps. The location where the leads join the plugs and fittings, have protective stress sleeves to relieve the pressure on the cables in use. PERFECT TRIP GIFT STUFF: When occasionally the weather overwhelms the battery, or as happened many times, someone else's battery, it is a perfectly useable way of jump starting either car. By plugging the male power plug into one car and using the crocodile clips on a battery of another, you have a perfectly safe and fused means of exchanging power. Quality Guarantee:One year warranty,If for any reasons you are not satisfied with our product or service, please contact us first, we will be responsible for any un-expectable issues.

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